Quick RFx, eAuction and eNegotiation

Creating value with a Simple yet most exhaustive range of digital negotiations through
RFx software, RFI vs RFQ analysis, reverse e-auctions, Dynamic Counter Offers in a fast and audit compliant manner.

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Extremely Simple

Step by step process with auto-save functionality for all RFx, RFI vs RFQ and e-auction portal with intuitive participation screen for suppliers to increase its usage multi-fold

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Unique Features

Loading Factor, Technical Approval with query option, multi-viewing, surrogate participation, Instant LOA, reminders and easy manage options


Customization Options

Improve negotiation performance with a variety of customization possibilities

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Multiple Negotiation Options

Create value for your organization by negotiating on procurEngine using multi-round RFQ, analysis, e-bidding, different types of e-auction tools, e-auction software, and Dynamic Counter Offers

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Workflow Based Approval

Get your events approved - commercially or technically to close loop communication with other stakeholders

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Performance Reports

Multi-person, intra organization rating system to see the dynamic ratings of your suppliers

online procurement software

Reverse & Forward e-Auctions

Our platform makes reverse and forward e-auctions useful for both buyers (Drive Down Prices) and sellers (Drive Up Prices) by providing a platform for them to compete with each other and get the best possible deal on the goods or services they are interested in buying or selling. It is an optimal bid proposal software if you are seeking for a special forward e-auction, reverse auction procurement strategy, and reverse bidding.

Dynamic Counter Offer (Dutch)

One of the best e-Negotiating platforms with Dynamic Counter Offer (Dutch) covering online contract negotiations, business negotiations, and creating negotiation reports for both seller and buyer. With advanced features for managing legal documents and clauses, it can handle any kind of complex negotiations you may undertake. It is the most secure platform, adaptable to your demands, and simple to use.

RFx, RFP, RFQ – Strategic Negotiations

Manage the RFx, RFP, and RFQ process, as well as facilitate negotiations with potential partners. Easy to use, effective, and tracking all the progress of the RFP, RFQ, and RFX in project management and for multiple strategic negotiations. Give you the option to modify the RFP, RFQ, and RFx templates to meet your individual demands and specifications. Allow multiple stakeholders to collaborate and review proposals in real time.

Coal Auctions

An optimal open source module for the coal block auctions process in India 2023. Improve negotiation performance and works best for distributing bid invitations and taking auction bids. The most effective tool for analyzing coal auction bids, based on several parameters, including the price provided, the bidder's experience, and any other relevant considerations. It is incredibly efficient to manage all of the offers, discussions, finding the highest bidders, and contract awards.

What They Say

Success Stories

The ProcurEngine is often called as SavingsEngine by our esteemed Clients.

One of our clients negotiates freight for a large number of international locations quarterly. They create a simple staggered English Reverse Auction - where each location opens for bidding one-by-one for 2-minutes and gets bidders to fight it out to become L1. In about 2-3 hours, they get firmly negotiated freights for about 70 international locations. This is followed up by a work-flow based approval from the relevant department heads. The organization is consistently saving 8-21% in their contract for the past 3 years using procurEngine.

One of our clients used Dutch Auction to finalize a large EPC contract, where the difference in the offered prices of different contractors was too high. They got 11% savings in less than 21 minutes of bidding.

A leading chemical company, who also extensively uses ProcurEngine for their business negotiations, achieved 7% extra savings by configuring a quick and easy bid with the help of procurEngine’s streamlined portal.

A leading EPC Company configured an e-Auction for huge quantities of fasteners for a project. Owing to simple e-Auction of procurEngine’s methodical platform, six aggressive bidders got them 13% additional savings from their targeted prices.

A leading manufacturing company uses procurEngine’s RFQ negotiation module to finalize all their contracts very effectively. Instead of sending email enquiries, preparing comparative statements and updating multiple revisions - the team relies on procurEngine - which, as an efficient assistant, does all that - with practically no effort. The team focuses solely on getting the best deals.

In one of the large scrap sale cases, there were 11 qualified bidders for 60 MT of SS Scrap. A simple bid using procurEngine’s user-friendly portal got them 12% higher rates than their target.