Spend Analytics

Spend Analytics to slice and dice your purchases - with option to upload historical data - to formulate effective purchase strategies

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Savings Analysis

View your various savings reports with respect to Last Purchase Price, Budget, initial Quotes for selected timelines.

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Cost Analysis

Precise Spend analytics in procurement to analyze your project/SBU cost in a progressive manner as the execution happens vis-a-vis your budget.

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Category Analysis

In depth analysis of different product or service categories in different time periods or different buyers.

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Event Analysis

Detailed Analysis of each event in terms of extent of participation from each supplier, quote reduction trend and approval status.


Performance Analysis

Analyze SBU, Teams, individual performance through set performance parameters on savings achieved, time saved etc.

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Supplier Analysis

Check your suppliers’ performance in different events, in how many events were they L1 or L2, success ratio, aggression etc.

Integration with SAP

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